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Diary Entries (installation shot)



Diary (detail), epoxy resin sculpture containing discarded cigarette, painters' tape, dust, debris and 24k gold flakes, 2022 


Diary (detail), epoxy resin sculpture containing gifted dried lavender from Wicke’s car park, a ceramic shard from the River Thames (18th c.), a disposed Benson & Hedges cigarette butt (probably from a studiomate), tangerine peel (a preferred snack of mine), scrap paper, hair, egg shell shard, dust and debris (likely from my kitchen), a peer’s eyebrow hair (tweezed specifically for this piece), and 24k gold flakes (for sparkle)



Diary (detail), epoxy resin sculpture containing tangerine peel (probably from the same snacking session as previous sculpture), dried frozen blueberry, piece of an envelop that contained my Pap smear results from the NHS, a faux plastic pearl, dust and debris (from my kitchen), and, as always, 24k gold flakes




epoxy resin sculptures containing antiques, discarded antique findings from the River Thames, personal objects, dust, debris and 24k gold flakes; active worktop wheeled cart including plastic containers and trays, retail nail polish acetone, fibre-cloth towel, box of nitrile gloves, sandpaper, newspaper, bottle of Advil Liquid Gels (Canada), silicone moulds (both made by the artist and purchased), bulldog clips, various antiques, foam core numbered labels, freezer bags, activity notebook, found Christie's display cabinet on wheels





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