T.GB.2022.AP.7 (Sculptures and Installation), Repurposed vitrine, antique vitrine, IKEA SKÖNJA cloche, clay pipe pieces, plastic zip pouch, tobacco, concrete wall pieces, resin bases, dry erase ink, lock, dust, debris



T.GB.2022.AP.7 (detail),  2022


T.GB.2022.AP.7 (detail),  2022


T.GB.2022.AP.7 (detail),  2022


T.GB.2022.AP.7 (detail),  2022


T.GB.2022.AP.7 (detail),  2022


T.GB.2022.AP.7 (detail),  2022


T.GB.2022.AP.8 (Sculptures and Installation), Drywall, IKEA LACK wall shelf, Feallive LED lights (Amazon), charred wood, nails, enamelled bricks, plaster of Paris, by Sainsbury’s Freezer Tips zip bag, clay pipe pieces, dry erase ink, ballpoint pen ink, dust, debris


06. Cutty Sark Pair.JPG

Pieces of the original Cutty Sark that were saved from the 2007 fire, purchased at the Junk Shop Greenwich. They were originally going to be thrown away by the local owner (who had orginally helped restore the ship after the fire) but the owner of the shop purchased all of them, thus preventing their disposal.


Digital Photograph, 2022 


T.GB.2022.AP.8 (detail),  2022

16. Bird's Nest.jpg

Original Victorian period enamel facade brick from the Bird's Nest, 32 Deptford Church Street, South London. I was sipping a Guiness when I noticed the brick was loose from the rest of the exterior wall, likely from repeatedly-flowing pub traffic.


Digital Photograph, 2022 

19. 80s concrete.JPG

Piece of composite concrete. Originally installed between the 1980s & 1990s, on Norman Road in Greenwich, South London. This piece had fallen off when found it, revealing the Victorian period brickwork behind it. 


Digital photograph, 2022 

Screenshot 2022-08-20 at 1.31.21 pm.png

Google screenshot depicting wall from which the composite concrete piece came from. You can see the original Victorian wall being revealed underneath it, surrounded by gentrified architecture and a newer brick wall facade to its left.  


Digital screenshot taken on 2022-08-20 at 13:31:21, 2022 

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